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Founded on the 19th of March, 2024,

on the occasion of my parents wedding anniversary. I consider this date as the genesis of my generation, marking the inception of a legacy that I aim to build for future generations. It is my aspiration to create something meaningful not only for my descendants but also for all who will be associated with any brand under The Koli Group.

Welcome to The Koli Group, where we're dedicated to creating Quality brands that proudly represent Made in India. We believe in transparency with our customers, employees, investors, and everyone else, just like the clear waters of the sea. Join us on our journey towards excellence.

Founded By

Devendra Vanita Naresh Koli

(Did Business Management, Founded AiaStore, Run PixelEditor Youtube Channel, Official Content Creator on Niotron, Working on creating our empire Join him now)

Devendra koli

Active Brands


(Founded in 29th June 2020)

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