(Founded Date: 29th Jan 2020)

100% Ownership: Devendra Koli

Company Description:

When the AiaStore initially launched, it exclusively offered Android source code built on platforms such as Kodular, Niotron, MIT App Inventor, and Android Builder. However, on February 25, 2024, we updated the AiaStore, introducing new categories such as Kinemaster, Pixel Lab, and extensions. This expansion marked our decision to diversify the AiaStore into categories previously untapped by any marketplace. Concurrently, with the inception of our website dedicated to Aia products, we established the AiaStore OG category for our offerings. All Aias created will now be sold under the AiaStore OG label.

Company Achievement:

1) AiaStore has secured 2nd place within the community and has been ranked in the top 5 category.

2) With over 10,000 registered users, AiaStore has facilitated the download of more than 5,000 files.

Total Employees:

We have two team members in AiaStore OG dedicated to creating new Aia products.

The rest of AiaStore operations are managed solely by Devendra Koli.

Company Details

Previously, our website was located at, where we exclusively offered Aia's Only products for sale.

Now, we have transitioned to our newer version at Additionally, we are in the process of developing an Android application (APK) which will be launched soon.

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